Own revenue generating property
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Bitproperty is the platform for tokenizing revenue generating real estate globally.


To democratize real estate globally, Bitproperty is launching a token sale. You can purchase Bitproperty tokens (BTP), entitling you to the profits and transaction fees of the Bitproperty platform.

Note: Due to regulatory concerns, US and Japanese persons are excluded from the token sale.

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There are a total of 2.9 billion BTP tokens, with no further token creation or inflation. 17.2% of the BTP tokens are available for purchase in the token sale. 35% of the BTP was already issued during the presale, and these token holders have been receiving income from the BTP platform since April 2016.

Total ETH Collected 0

1 ETH for 10,000 BTP


Once open the token sale will run for 30 days or when the maximum cap of 30,000 has been reached.

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The Bitproperty Platform

Bitproperty is a decentralised real estate platform powered by Ethereum smart contracts. Bitproperty gives you a seamless, quick, and low-cost way to own and trade real estate revenue streams.

Bitproperty has two types of token: the BTP platform token and individual property asset tokens.

BTP tokens represent the inherent value of the platform and provide holders with income from transaction fees within the platform in proportion to the amount they own. BTP tokens also pay income from the energy revenues of Bitproperty's solar farm.

Asset tokens will be issued for each property listed on the platform. The number of tokens issued against a specific property represent the value of that property. Token holders get income dependent on the performance of the asset and the stake that they hold. For further details, read the Bitproperty whitepaper.

For more detail, read the Whitepaper.


A Closer Look

  • Real estate owners can list their properties as asset tokens on Bitproperty. Users invest by buying asset tokens.

  • Real estate owners set investment targets on their properties. If not met, payments are refunded.

  • If targets and other pre-defined conditions are met, the Ethereum smart contract automatically distributes dividends.

  • Dividends are distributed to asset token holders in proportion to their holdings.

How it Works

Turn your screen into landscape orientation to visualize.

Bitproperty Owned Asset

Bitproperty Solar Farm Bitproperty has purchased an energy generating project in Japan, a solar farm. The profits of this solar farm will flow directly to Bitproperty Token (BTP) holders, making BTP tokens asset-backed from day one.

BTP owned asset

Bitproperty Solar Farm This solar energy farm was valued at over $14,000,000 at the start of 2017. The farm is the second biggest of its type on Japan, with 7,704 panels covering an area of 19,760 m2 delivering 1,964.5 KWH of power output.

Solar Farm Revenues

Bitproperty Solar Farm $15 million in presale BTP tokens have already been sold to launch the first solar farm on the network. Presale supporters are already receiving dividends, which they're tracking via the Bitproperty app for reviews of monthly revenue and dividends. This app is live on the app store.


Once the token sale phase is complete, we'll move into the beta testing phase of the Bitproperty platform.

The targeted launch date of the Bitproperty Platform is early 2018.

View demo site

Development Progress Github


We started Bitproperty in December, 2015. With the early stage of the project now complete we are now seeking outside funding to move to the next phase. Here is our current roadmap, showing how far we’ve come and how far we want to go.

Token Sale Structure & Terms

We are aiming to raise 50,000 ETH. The minimum funding cap will be 30,000 ETH. The maximum cap will be 100,000 ETH. If the minimum cap is not met, we will refund all ETH submitted to the contract. If the minimum cap is reached, then we will move forward according to our milestones. If the maximum is reached, then we will have the full resources necessary to move at an accelerated pace, as marked in our milestones.

There will be a total of 2.9 billion BTP tokens issued, with no inflation or further creation. Team share, Advisory board and Bitproperty corporation tokens will be vested for a period of 6 months.

  • Sold during crowdsale

  • Early stage Japan investors

  • Team share

  • Advisory board

  • Bitproperty corporation

  • Team share, Advisory board, Bitproperty corporation tokens are vested for a period of 6 months

Funding & Distribution

Bitproperty will use all collected funds to further the vision and revolutionize real estate worldwide. The more support in the token sale, as measured in funding, the faster we will be able to complete our milestones. $14 million in BTP tokens have already been sold during a presale.

Below is a breakdown of the projected distribution of funds.

  • Development & Talent Recruiting
    The majority of the funds will go towards creating a safe and secure Asset Platform. This means investing in top class technologists and bringing on board the best real estate partners.
  • Compliance
    While Japanese compliance is complete, we can dramatically expand the potential investor base by completing compliance requirements in other jurisdictions.
  • Marketing and Other
    This portion of the budget will be invested in raising awareness with foreign investors and bringing them to the Bitproperty platform as well as acting as contingency fund to support Bitproperty's expansion generally.
  • Proof of Concept Operation
    We will use this budget to subject the Beta to various stress tests and attacks, ensuring that the system works optimally before moving to the next phase.

Bitproperty Core Team

  • Shunta Oka Project Manager and UI/UX Lead

    He began his career in 2006 at TOTO Bath Create Ltd. as a CG supervisor and later joined Sailor Pen Co. Ltd., developing the new product and the design.

    In 2011, he worked in the branch of American design consulting firm, Ziba Tokyo and had extensive experience with UI/UX design for smartphone.

    In 2013, he started his own design consulting company, HENKA and was dedicated as UI/UX designer.

    The next year, he was involved in the launch of a new business, the development of new apps, the UI renewal of the EC app and Yahoo map as a manager of UI/UX design team at Yahoo.

    In 2016, he decided to devote himself to the Bitproperty project. As UI/UX designer, he has been working on the design for new services and the BI/VI design for the company.


  • Hayato Shimomae Bitproperty Full Stack Engineer

    He specializes in web service and infrastructure development. He has several years of experience developing new web service, its management, and infrastructure development, at HeartRails Inc. and pixiv Inc. In 2017, he participated in Bitproperty project as a full-stack engineer. He has been engaged in development of the new web service, and infrastructure development.


  • Ryo Hasegawa Bitproperty Backend Engineer

    In 2014, he joined RAWHIDE.Co.,Ltd. and worked on the development of valuation system for housing, managerial accounting system and the launch of auto package tracking app, and later he began his own business.

    He has specialization in the development of Ruby on Rails and has been engaged in the development of sharing economy service and video-on-demand system.

    When he worked on the launch of the new service in advertising, he made study of the service applying blockchain technology. At the time, he realized the full of potential of blockchain and became the enthusiast. In 2017, he decided to join the Bitproperty project.


  • Rie Igarashi Public Relations and Marketing Specialist

    She specializes in Public Relations and Marketing. She has joined MOGABROOK Co., Ltd. in 2007. Managed beauty product imports and as part of a beauty school, taught students nail art. Utilizing those skills joined CLASTYLE Co., Ltd. in 2009. Worked for public relations, more specifically nail school promotions and television promotions. Joined Bitproperty in 2016, using her experience in the sales department joined as a PR officer.


  • Patrick Storchenegger Bitproperty Legal Advisor


  • Daniel RiveongSupport and token holder relations


  • Dr. Angelina Parfenova Energy Advisor



  • Max Richardson Marketing and Design Advisor

    Maximus is a serial entrepreneur and co-founder who has helped established multiple startups and companies including Matchpool, Made By Croft, HDNSM, and Montalto Shoes. Maximus’ experience across multiple fields helps position him to tackle the challenges of innovation that spans industries.

  • Lior Zyzman Legal advisor

    Lior is an experienced legal veteran who helps advise blockchain projects as they navigate legal frameworks. He is an attorney at ZAG-S&W Law Offices and was also the co-founder of StarTau, Tel Aviv University's entrepreneurship club.

    Advising blockchain projects on legal aspects and Biz Dev


  • Mitchell Loureiro Marketing Advisor

    Is a blockchain crowdfunding expert and marketing & communications specialists. He has helped multiple startups with their marketing needs and has helped blockchain companies tell their stories to the world.


  • Chris Alleyne Cariblist Hausmeister / Karibik Immobilien

    Chris is the CEO of, one of the largest real-estate listing sites in the Caribbean. He has extensive experience in the real-estate sector and is also the CEO of Archer Investments, which offers a variety of management consulting services.


Corporate Advisors

  • santaiment
  • PST
  • Cariblist