Bitproperty will use all collected funds to further the vision and revolutionize real estate worldwide. The more support in the token sale, as measured in funding, the faster we will be able to complete our milestones. $14 million in BTP tokens have already been sold during a presale.

Below is a breakdown of the projected distribution of funds.

  • Development & Talent Recruiting
    The majority of the funds will go towards creating a safe and secure Asset Platform. This means investing in top class technologists and bringing on board the best real estate partners.


  • Compliance
    While Japanese compliance is complete, we can dramatically expand the potential investor base by completing compliance requirements in other jurisdictions.


  • Marketing and Other
    This portion of the budget will be invested in raising awareness with foreign investors and bringing them to the Bitproperty platform as well as acting as contingency fund to support Bitproperty’s expansion generally.


  • Proof of Concept Operation
    We will use this budget to subject the Beta to various stress tests and attacks, ensuring that the system works optimally before moving to the next phase.