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To democratize real estate globally, Bitproperty is launching a token sale. You can purchase Bitproperty tokens (BTP), entitling you to the profits and transaction fees of the Bitproperty platform.

Note: Due to regulatory concerns, US and Japanese persons are excluded from the token sale.


There are a total of 2.9 billion BTP tokens, with no further token creation or inflation. 17.2% of the BTP tokens are available for purchase in the token sale. 35% of the BTP was already issued during the presale, and these token holders have been receiving income from the BTP platform since April 2016.


Once open the token sale will run for 30 days or when the maximum cap of 30,000 has been reached.

ICO date to be Announced Soon

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The Bitproperty Platform

Bitproperty is a decentralised real estate platform powered by Ethereum smart contracts. Bitproperty gives you a seamless, quick, and low-cost way to own and trade real estate revenue streams.

Bitproperty has two types of token: the BTP platform token and individual property asset tokens.

BTP tokens represent the inherent value of the platform and provide holders with income from transaction fees within the platform in proportion to the amount they own. BTP tokens also pay income from the energy revenues of Bitproperty’s solar farm.

Asset tokens will be issued for each property listed on the platform. The number of tokens issued against a specific property represent the value of that property. Token holders get income dependent on the performance of the asset and the stake that they hold. For further details, read the Bitproperty whitepaper.

For more detail, read the Whitepaper.

  • Real estate owners can list their properties as asset tokens on Bitproperty. Users invest by buying asset tokens.

  • Real estate owners set investment targets on their properties. If not met, payments are refunded.

  • If targets and other pre-defined conditions are met, the Ethereum smart contract automatically distributes dividends.

  • Dividends are distributed to asset token holders in proportion to their holdings.

How it Works

Bitproperty Solar Farm
Bitproperty has purchased an energy generating project in Japan, a solar farm. The profits of this solar farm will flow directly to Bitproperty Token (BTP) holders, making BTP tokens asset-backed from day one.